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E-scooters rolling out in Tacoma

Electric scooters are back in Tacoma, WA, with changes that city officials say will avoid the problems that occurred during a 2018 pilot program. Will the new approach work? Here's what Tacoma residents should know about this latest effort. Why didn't the old e-scooter program work? A 2018 program that introduced electric scooters to the...

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New study: Majority of marijuana users drive while impaired 

How dangerous is driving while high? Recreational marijuana is legal for adults in Washington state, but a decision many are grappling with is whether it’s safe to drive after consuming marijuana. A comprehensive study by insurance comparison site The Zebra that surveyed 811 anonymous legal marijuana users in March 2019 found that nearly 60% of...

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Distracted driving persists despite complaints from passengers

There are many reasons why people engage in distracted driving. Some drivers know the risks of using cellphones behind the wheel. Yet, they have an addiction to their text messages and social media accounts. Other drivers feel overconfident in their ability to multitask while driving. Those who take the risk to drive distracted knowingly endanger...

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How is fault determined in a car accident case?

Car accident cases can be very frustrating. Suffering an injury in a crash is bad enough, but determining who is at fault often turns into a complicated and confusing ordeal. The driver who hit you may not admit they were at fault. On top of that, the insurance company that represents the at-fault driver may...

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Why car accidents happen more often at night

Fall is here and the days are getting noticeably shorter. Soon, when we set our clocks back an hour, drivers will find themselves in the dark more often. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there are three factors that can make driving at night risky. These include limited visibility, increased risk for drowsy driving...

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Sleep disorders can lead to drowsy driving

While drowsy driving doesn't often get the attention it deserves from safety advocates, it is a leading cause of crashes. Drowsy driving can be especially dangerous when sleepy drivers make no attempt to slow down, stop or avoid a crash. This can happen in just seconds when a driver experiences a microsleep. Even when drowsy...

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Banning teen drivers from texting saves lives

State laws that prohibit teens from distracted driving behavior such as texting result in fewer deaths, according to a recent study. Doctors conducted research to find out if laws focusing on distracted driving among teens work. The study, titled Distracted Driving Laws and Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities, found much lower car crash death rates in...

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Common injuries caused by rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common crash types. They often occur when the car that is hit is stopped or traveling slowly. A rear-end collision may be a small fender bender or a high-impact crash. Despite the level of severity, they usually cause injuries. Whiplash and spinal injuries The most common injury sustained...

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