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Parking Lot Accidents Are Common in Washington State

A Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Discusses the Dangers Synonymous with the holiday season is the holiday rush, with shoppers hurrying from store to store. Some are driving. Some are pedestrians. All are in danger of parking lot accidents because people are too distracted by their errands and smartphones to worry about safety. A parking lot...

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How to Drive Safely When You're an Older Driver

Everyone from highway safety experts to relatives have expressed concern about the driving abilities of older Americans. The uncomfortable question has been, "when is it time to take away a senior driver's license?" New research raises serious doubts about such rationale. Older, wiser – and safer? Contrary to popular belief, older drivers do not present the...

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Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance

Our attorneys explain the key differences People buy insurance to plan ahead and ensure protection in certain scenarios. For example, an injury or illness could prevent them from being able to work or to take care of themselves. Two available options are long-term care insurance and long-term disability insurance. But what are the differences between...

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Never Ignore a Head Injury: How To Identify and Respond to Concussions

Seattle brain injury lawyers participate in concussion awareness campaign Health awareness campaigns traditionally focus on spreading information about serious diseases. Awareness campaigns about debilitating injuries are more rare, but they are no less important. Sept. 20th was Washington's unofficial concussion awareness day. Started in 2016 by a young woman who suffered a serious concussion in...

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As medical debt rises nationally, recovering full compensation after a car accident becomes more critical

Medical debt is a burden on American families. People regularly make tough decisions about whether to pay down their debt or buy groceries, necessary medications, and cover household bills. Sometimes, the threats from medical debt collectors become so intense, injured people forgo eating and skip taking their medicine so they can get the collectors to...

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E-scooters rolling out in Tacoma

Electric scooters are back in Tacoma, WA, with changes that city officials say will avoid the problems that occurred during a 2018 pilot program. Will the new approach work? Here's what Tacoma residents should know about this latest effort. Why didn't the old e-scooter program work? A 2018 program that introduced electric scooters to the...

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New study: Majority of marijuana users drive while impaired 

How dangerous is driving while high? Recreational marijuana is legal for adults in Washington state, but a decision many are grappling with is whether it’s safe to drive after consuming marijuana. A comprehensive study by insurance comparison site The Zebra that surveyed 811 anonymous legal marijuana users in March 2019 found that nearly 60% of...

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Distracted driving persists despite complaints from passengers

There are many reasons why people engage in distracted driving. Some drivers know the risks of using cellphones behind the wheel. Yet, they have an addiction to their text messages and social media accounts. Other drivers feel overconfident in their ability to multitask while driving. Those who take the risk to drive distracted knowingly endanger...

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