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Drivers falling asleep at the wheel are a persistent problem on our roads, and a leading cause of car accidents. It's not surprising. People are working long hours, not getting enough sleep, and they believe they have to get behind the wheel and fight through their exhaustion to get where they need to go. And when they can't stay awake, they often cause serious and even fatal collisions.

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The truth is that fatigued drivers always have a choice. They can pull over on a side street to rest, stop for an energy drink or take a cab instead of driving themselves. We expect drunk drivers not to get behind the wheel until they're sober, and when studies have shown that driving while exhausted is just as dangerous as driving under the influence, we should hold those who fall asleep at the wheel to the same standard.

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Unfortunately, accidents involving drivers who fall asleep at the wheel often lead to catastrophic injuries. In part, that's because fatigued drivers frequently drift into the oncoming lane, causing head-on collisions. Moreover, drivers who fall asleep at the wheel usually don't step on the brakes before impact, which means they hit the victim's vehicle at full speed. Those factors are compounded when, as in too many cases, the sleeping driver is at the wheel of a large vehicle, such as a truck or other commercial vehicle.

At NLE Law, we understand the impact of these serious accidents, and we know how to hold fatigued drivers accountable. Our firm will investigate the accident scene and review records to find evidence showing that the driver who hit you was asleep at the wheel. For example, there are usually no skid marks - again, because the driver did not hit the brakes - and the at-fault driver's statements may indicate that he or she has no memory of the crash itself.

Based on this evidence, our attorneys will craft a legal strategy to help you get fair compensation for the injuries you've sustained as a result of an exhausted driver's negligence. We are longtime advocates for people living with brain injuries and other long-term, catastrophic injuries, and we know how to negotiate with insurance companies and prepare cases for trial if necessary to fight for all of the compensation you need.

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If you suspect the driver who caused your accident was asleep at the wheel, don't try to handle the insurance company alone. Contact a law firm that knows how to take care of your needs. Call (206) 673-7520 today.

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