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Were you injured while riding an electric scooter or bicycle? You may be dealing with a severe or disabling injury. You need to take aggressive legal action to fight for the compensation you need. The e-scooter accident lawyers at NLE Law can help.

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In the past year, rentable electric scooters have surged in popularity across the United States and worldwide. With the rise of these new motorized vehicles comes a series of additional accident risks. While e-scooters and bicycles are fun and environmentally friendly ways to get around, riders are some of the most vulnerable people on the road. We protect their legal rights.

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The simple reality is that electric scooters are motorized vehicles, and they are no safer than other motor vehicles such as motorcycles. Companies such as Lime and Bird have been quite slow to provide training and safety advice for new riders, and motorists are not used to sharing the road with these new vehicles.

Some of the circumstances in which e-scooter accidents happen include:

  • An e-scooter is hit by a car. When a vehicle hits a rider’s unprotected body, catastrophic injuries can occur.
  • The e-scooter hits a pothole or other defect in the road surface, throwing the rider to the ground. This is a common occurrence because these vehicles have a short wheelbase and small wheels.
  • A rider loses control of the scooter because of a design defect or failure to warn on the part of the manufacturer.

Because e-scooters are fairly new, these accidents are governed by a complex patchwork of laws that can be difficult to understand. At NLE Law, our attorneys have extensive experience investigating complex cases and finding the best possible legal strategy for our clients. We understand the law, we know how to deal with insurance companies, and we will focus on finding you the compensation and resources you need to rebuild your life.

If you’ve been hurt in an e-scooter or bicycle accident, contact us right away to speak with an experienced accident attorney, absolutely free.

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