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After a motorcycle accident, you're probably in a world of hurt. Bikers are some of the most vulnerable people on the road. When they're involved in collisions with motorists who don't know how to share the road, they can suffer catastrophic injuries. Over the years, we've worked with many bikers living with a traumatic brain injury or other debilitating conditions.

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We know just how much is riding on your case. That's why we're proud to serve injured motorcyclists throughout the Puget Sound area. Our motorcycle lawyers at NLE Law have the experience and the track record of success you need to help you recover. Our accomplished attorneys handle long-term, debilitating injury cases - and we'll be honored to help you.

How did your accident happen?

Injured bikers often face an uphill battle. Insurance companies may view them as irresponsible thrill-seekers, and much of the public does as well. But we know that most bikers are safe, responsible operators, and we'll present that case with honor and integrity. Whether your case is decided at the negotiating table or before a judge and jury, we'll be there for you, every step of the way.

Some law firms only care about getting motorcycle accident victims a settlement that simply addresses their short-term needs. We're focused on the long-term impact of your crash. A serious injury such as a concussion sustained in a motorcycle accident can have lifelong consequences. And your settlement or verdict should reflect that.

If you're not sure what to do after your accident, check our motorcycle accident FAQ page. Then contact us. The sooner we start working on your case, the sooner we can demand the compensation you deserve for your motorcycle accident. Call (206) 623-7520 to schedule your free consultation.

Car Turned Left In Front of Motorcycle

Bikers know that by law, a motorcycle is a vehicle. Cars need to yield to an oncoming vehicle just like they would yield to an oncoming car. Unfortunately, many motorists don't know this. When a car turns left and a motorcycle strikes the front or side of the larger vehicle, serious injuries can follow. If you were thrown from your bike and landed on your head, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury - even if you were wearing a helmet.

Our investigation of motorcycle crashes at intersections includes interviewing witnesses and reviewing video footage if available - many intersections now have cameras. We'll consult with experts to find you the best possible medical treatment and assess the full cost of your accident. Our team will hold the motorist who hurt you accountable and deal with the insurance company to get you the compensation you need.

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Vehicle Rear-Ended Motorcycle 

Motorcyclists are often hit from behind when they need to slow or change position in a lane to adjust to changing road conditions. Rear-end collisions may sound like minor accidents, but when a heavy passenger car or truck hits a much smaller vehicle, the rider can be thrown and suffer serious injuries to the brain or spine.

Motorists are responsible for maintaining a safe following distance, and we'll interview witnesses to see if the driver who hit you was following too closely. Distraction is also often a factor in rear-end collisions, and we'll review cell phone records to see whether the driver was texting and driving. You're not responsible for the vehicle behind you, and you shouldn't have to pay for your injuries. We can build a strong case on your behalf, with your entire lifetime in mind.

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Forced Off Road

Not every motorcycle accident involves contact. Whether due to inattention or intentional aggression, some motorists force bikers off the road. You may have been thrown off your bike and suffered an injury to the head, back, legs or arms. A single crash of this sort can have lifelong consequences.

You need an attorney who will help you get back up. You need NLE Law. If the driver involved in your no-contact accident can't be found, we'll review any other available insurance coverage to get you the compensation you need. We'll interview witnesses, review police reports and carefully investigate any other evidence to help make you whole again.

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Hit a Fixed Object

One-vehicle accidents can be deadly when the vehicle involved is a motorcyclist. When the unprotected body of a biker hits a fixed object at high speed, the force involved can lead to severe injuries, including internal injuries, broken bones and traumatic brain injuries.

If the fixed object you hit was an illegally parked vehicle, or an open car door, you may have a claim against the owner of the car. If poor visibility or road conditions were a factor, you may be able to recover compensation from the municipality responsible for maintaining the road. We'll be happy to meet with you for a free consultation and explore your legal options after a "dooring" or other such accident.

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Collision With Distracted Driver

Distracted drivers put everyone on the road at risk. Texting while driving is the most infamous type of distraction behind the wheel, but reckless motorists also cause serious injuries while eating, grooming, adjusting the radio and talking to passengers. Motorcyclists are particularly at risk of being hit by a distracted driver because their vehicles are smaller and easier to overlook - and even a low-speed collision involving a biker can lead to serious injuries.

If you've suffered a traumatic brain injury or other serious injury due to a distracted driver's negligence, we can help. Our attorneys will review cell phone records and interview witnesses for the critical proof that the driver who hit you was negligent. We'll negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and push for a settlement that pays for the full, long-term cost of your accident. If they won't pay, we'll go to trial.

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Weather-Related Accident

Experienced motorcycle riders know to adjust their speed and position in the lane to account for changing road conditions. Unfortunately, many motorists don't know how sensitive motorcycles are to inclement weather - and they don't take extra caution when operating their own vehicles in those conditions. Weather-related motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries, and they require serious representation.

No driver can control the weather, but every motorist has a choice to slow down and drive safely in the rain, snow or other poor conditions. If the driver who hit you was going too fast for the conditions or otherwise driving recklessly, we'll investigate thoroughly to find the proof you need to build a strong legal case. Our accomplished attorneys will negotiate with the insurance on your behalf and get the compensation you need to be made whole again.

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Hit By Drunk or Drugged Driver 

Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs puts everyone on the road at risk, and few are more at risk than motorcyclists. Drunk drivers have slow reactions and limited perception, which means they may not see a smaller vehicle such as a motorcycle. They also often cause head-on collisions, and when a motorcycle strikes a larger vehicle head-on, the consequences can be devastating.

Because drunk driving is such a well-known and well-publicized cause of car accidents, it's possible to gain additional leverage in negotiations - if you have an accomplished attorney who can handle such complex, high-stakes cases. Remember, even if the driver who hit you was arrested for DUI, the police aren't focused on your case. We are. Our team will prepare a strong case and put our resources to work to make you whole again.

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