Injured In A Motorcycle Crash At An Intersection?

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According to Washington state law, a motorcycle is a vehicle. Bikers understand this. They know they have to follow the rules of the road just like motorists do. But some drivers see things differently. They think motorcyclists are a nuisance and irresponsible thrill-seekers. Instead, it's reckless drivers who often cause motorcycle accidents.

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Our motorcycle accident attorneys at NLE Law know how to advocate for bikers injured in accidents, including ones caused by a motorist who fails to yield at an intersection. We can help you take charge of what happens next and get you the compensation and medical care you deserve to move forward with your life.

Failure to yield at intersections is a key cause of motorcycle accidents

Nearly half of all motorcycle accidents happen at intersections, often when a car turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Unfortunately, too many drivers don't think twice about pulling out in front when the oncoming vehicle happens to have two wheels instead of four. When that happens, the biker often sustains a serious injury, such as a concussion.

As your attorneys, we will investigate to prove negligence on the driver's part caused your injury. Our approach often includes:

  • Viewing camera footage, if available.
  • Looking at skid marks and other evidence at the accident scene.
  • Interviewing witnesses.
  • Reviewing the police report and other documents.

The other motorist may argue that they didn't see you, but that's no excuse. It's a driver's responsibility to check twice for oncoming bikes. And if they don't do that, they should be held accountable for any injuries they caused. That's why we encourage you to contact us right away.

Immediately after an accident, key evidence is still available and witnesses' memories are still fresh. We know how to build a strong case designed to win. Find out what our accomplished attorneys can do for you. Call (206) 623-7520 for your free consultation.

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