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For years, NLE Law has been a nationally recognized law firm focusing on personal injury cases involving brain injuries and other catastrophic, long-term injuries. We're always on the forefront of traumatic brain injury representation, and our attorneys stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

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  • A Single Concussion May Have Lasting Impact: This New York Times article discusses the long-term repercussions of even a single concussion when sustained early in life. The cited study indicates that young people, particularly young athletes, are sustaining more concussions than ever before, and that those concussions can affect their mental health and physical and intellectual functioning.
  • Up to 2 million kids a year suffer concussions from sports, play: This Seattle Times article, based on a study conducted at the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Research Institute, reports that between 1 and 2 million children under 18 suffer concussions nationwide annually - and that hundreds of thousands of those concussions likely go untreated. That leaves children at risk of complex neurological symptoms as well as life-threatening second impact syndrome.

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