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Representing Victims Of High-Speed Truck Accidents

Our law firm fights for victims of trucking companies' negligence

There's nothing scarier for a motorist than a tractor-trailer hurtling down the highway at breakneck speed. Unfortunately, speeding trucks are an all too common sight on the roads and highways in the Seattle-Tacoma area and throughout Washington. When those trucks are involved in collisions, serious injuries and fatalities often follow.

Seeking compensation after a catastrophic truck accident can be exceptionally difficult. The Seattle truck accident lawyers at NLE Law are up to that task. For decades, we've been helping victims of long-term, catastrophic injuries rebuild their lives. If you've been hurt by a speeding trucker, you need our team on your side.

Negligence is often a factor in high-speed accidents

Truckers, like all drivers, have a responsibility to operate their vehicles at safe speeds. And that responsibility is particularly important for tractor-trailers because larger vehicles have a longer stopping distance and are more difficult to maneuver than passenger cars. Truck drivers who choose to break the speed limit or drive too fast for the conditions - a common issue on rainy and foggy days in Washington - aren't just breaking the law; they're putting themselves and others at risk.

 It's easy to just blame the trucker after a high-speed crash, but often, there are larger issues at play. Trucking companies put a great deal of pressure on their drivers to make tight and sometimes unrealistic delivery deadlines, and that pressure leads many truckers to drive at excessive speeds. When that happens, they need to be held accountable.

We have the skill and experience to hold trucking companies accountable

Getting an attorney on your side is a critically important step after a high-speed truck accident. Once you retain our firm, we'll take immediate action to secure critical evidence, such as the truck's "black box" data that may reveal the speed at the time of the collision as well as documents that may show that the truck was behind schedule. We'll review hiring and supervision documents to see whether the trucker had a history of speeding, and we'll interview witnesses and others with relevant information to get to the bottom of what happened.

Our attorneys know how to stand up to the trucking companies and fight for fair compensation in negotiations and at trial. High-speed collisions involving large vehicles are a recipe for serious, long-term injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, and our experience and thorough approach are the keys to making a significant recovery for such an injury. We know how to coordinate benefits, use alternate settlement vehicles and take other actions to make sure our clients reach the full extent of compensation they are entitled to receive to help them rebuild their lives after a serious injury.

You need to act fast to secure strong legal representation after a high-speed truck crash. Contact our law firm online or call (206) 623-7520 to schedule your free consultation.

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