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We Investigate Trucking Companies After Accidents

Our law firm will prepare your case with the long term in mind

By definition, accidents involving commercial trucks are big cases. The injuries and property damage sustained by the motorist involved can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just as importantly, they are complex cases, with multiple parties and liabilities involved. The stakes are always high, and there's always much to be done.

In the aftermath of any truck accident, the trucking companies hit the ground running. They will have investigators on the scene within hours to find critical evidence and start building their own case. Unfortunately, in too many cases, the trucking company's priority is to reduce their own liability - even if that comes at the expense of long-term care and full compensation for the injured person.

You need your own advocate to protect your rights and help make you whole again. You need NLE Law. Our accomplished truck accident attorneys know how to thoroughly investigate trucking companies and protect our clients' rights. From start to finish, we'll be here to make you whole again.

Securing critical evidence

While every accident is unique, every personal injury case is decided by the facts of what happened. In order to present your case with integrity at the negotiating table or in the courtroom, we need those facts. That's why our investigation will focus on securing critical evidence before it can be altered or disappear. As soon as you contact us, we'll go to work.

For instance, under federal law, truckers are required to keep a log of all hours they work, including breaks. This log is a critical piece of evidence because it can show that a trucker violated hours-of-service rules, which could cause the driver to get behind the wheel while exhausted and cause an accident. However, the trucking company is only required to maintain that log for six months, unless an attorney takes action beforehand. That's why we'll immediately contact the trucking company and tell them not to destroy that log because it is critical evidence in a claim arising from the accident.

Establishing liability

Holding the trucking company accountable for an accident can be difficult, depending on the circumstances. If the trucker is at fault for the accident and the trucker is a direct employee of the trucking company, then the company can be held liable through the legal doctrine of respondeat superior. However, many truckers are independent contractors. Holding the company liable in those cases can be significantly more difficult.

Our investigation will determine whether the trucking company took negligent actions that led to the accident. For instance, if the collision involved an inexperienced trucker, we may be able to hold the company accountable for negligent hiring, training or supervision. If the trucker was driving drunk, we could again file a claim for negligent hiring if the company failed to conduct a background check and hired a driver with a history of DUI, or a claim for negligent retention if the company became aware of the driver's history while he or she was already an employee. We'll comb through employment records and other documents to find this critical evidence.

The trucking company will do everything in their power to build a strong case. If you've suffered a lifelong injury such as a traumatic brain injury, you can't afford to let them take control of your case. We'll thoroughly investigate on your behalf because we believe in preparing every case with our client's entire lifetime in mind. Our legal team will search every nook and cranny to make sure you are made whole again.

If you've been hurt in a truck accident, we can help. Call (206) 623-7520 to schedule your free consultation.

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